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About Us




Major Fit Apparel(MJRFT) is a brand of clothing where Fitness meets casual. I wanted to create a brand of clothing that every gender, shape, and size of people could wear and enjoy. The premise behind the brand was to create a line of clothing with a theme that was INSPIRING, INSPIRATIONAL, and MOTIVATIONAL while enjoying everyday physical activities or just wearing it casually. I noticed that alot of brands did not offer plus sizes and I wanted to solve that problem and have something for everyone because no matter what size you are our brand will have something for you and with more options to come.

Our logo is a six point STAR that represents your HEART, your BODY, your SOUL, your MIND, your SPIRIT, and your LIFE.

How did I come up with the name MAJOR FIT?

(MAJOR) The premise is to live my life everyday to the absolute fullest, live everyday like it was my last, give 110% in everything that i do, set goals, take risks, make no excuses, and execute with every fiber of my being.

(FIT) I truly believe that if we get our HEART, BODY, SOUL, MIND, SPIRIT, and LIFE fit then we would be able to break through our walls, barriers, limitations, fears, failures, doubts, and frustrations that come with an unhealthy perspective on life.

When all six components are fit, then it opens up and clears a path that embodies us to LIVE LIFE MAJOR.